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Sunny fruits, lavender and white chocolate sauce

For a dinner with dear friends last week, I made a new desert. A dessert with lovely mango, strawberries, lavender and a white chocolate sauce. It was so incredible good and luckily I had made way too much so that each one could take a second portion. On those moments you are extra happy that you have a blog to share your best recipes on hihi!For the dinner last week, I made a chocolate sauce with white (good quality) chocolate and full cream but later I thought of making a more healthy version of the same sauce. After a some tryout, I came up with this result. So tasty and perfect in combination with ripe mango, sweet strawberries and the fresh herbs.

Later I also mixed the ready-made sauce with fresh mint and lime zest. It turned out as a light-green and absolutely delightful cream perfect for the coming summer with fresh strawberries or raspberries.
Make sure you serve the sauce lukewarm either way, then you get the most taste!

Let’s get to work!

White chocolate sauce
6 portions

2 cups of raw, soaked cashew nuts
1 cup of cashewmylk
20 gram organic honey
2 drips of vanilla essence ( I use these from Spice drops, click on the link)
15 gram raw white cacao butter

Option: add a handful of fresh mint and lime zest to the sauce and mix it well.

How do I do it?
1. Soak the cashew nuts in water (the water should cover the nuts completely) for 2-8 hours. When done, drain the nuts in a strainer.
2. Add the cashewmylk, the soaked nuts and the other ingredients to a high speedblender. Mix until you have a smooth and fluid cream.
3. The sauce can be prepared in advance and kept in the refrigerator. However, the sauce needs to be served lukewarm to be at its best. Warm up the sauce slightly either through mixing it a second time or set the bowl in au bain-marie for some minutes.
4. Serve the sauce together with the marinated fruit.

Marinated fruit
6 portions

1 big ripe mango
200 gram fresh strawberries
A handful fresh mint
The zest from 1 lime
2 small pinches of dried lavender

For decoration:
A handful almond flakes
A handful coconut flakes

How do I do it?
1. Toast a handful of almond flakes and coconut flakes in a dry skillet until golden. Pour it over in a small bowl and let it cool down until serving.
2. Cut the mango in small squared cubes and add it to a bowl.
3. Shred the mint and add it to the mango. Toss it carefully around. This can be done a few hours in advance if needed.
4. Cut the strawberries in smaller cubes and add to the bowl with the mango. Add the lavender and toss it carefully around.
5. When serving; grate the lime zest over of the fruit and sprinkle some toasted almond and coconut flakes on top plus some lavender for the beauty. Serve the marinated fruit together with the white chocolate sauce.

This recipe is free from gluten, egg, lactose and refined sugar.
It is suitable for a Paleo and vegan diet (then change the honey to agave or maple syrup).

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