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Homemade tofu with ovenbaked tomatoes and kale crisps

Most often you probably buy an already made tofu but you can also make it yourself, either from scratch from soybeans or as today a homemade tofu made from soy milk. You can quickly make it and can replace both mozzarella and cottage cheese with it.


For when in a hurry! Pasta-sauce with Savoy cabbage

These days. Are going way too fast! So many ideas and wishes what I would like to do and so few hours. If I only could add an extra five hours to each day! It’s on those kind of days, recipes like this one is invented; pasta-sauce with savoy cabbage. Ready in just 15 minutes, with minimal washing-up afterwards including only cheap and great ingredients. What else can you ask for? Oh yes, I forgot. It taste divine! Until recently I have only been eating radishes raw but since some time I have started to cook them as well. It becomes incredibly tasty. Soft crunchy and with a bit less heavy mustard taste.  A perfect alternative to other vegetables. You bake them or cook them just like they are or with dried or fresh herbs. They get a mild taste that works with many different dishes. Did you try it yet? To make the dish vegan, I used coconut yoghurt (I used this one from Abbot Kinneys). Don’t worry, it won’t taste coconut due to the other spices …


Cabbage and kale

Autumn and winter are really the seasons for al different kinds of cabbage and kale. In my family, we hardly had any of these veggies on our dinner table when I was a child. My mother didn’t like the smell, nor the taste. In other words, discovering the world of kale has been more or less an adventure in later years for me. But boy, do I catch up for lost time!