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Christmas granola with orange and spices_2

Christmas granola with orange and spices

In Sweden, as in many countries the Christmas is filled with traditions of dishes that should be served around this time of the year. I however think it’s the different spices that really make Christmas.  Today, the classic gingerbread spices will give taste to my Christmas granola with orange. Good for a yogurt, in a cake or maybe even as adding some crisp to a salad!


Green burgers + sweet potato burger with almond feta and blackened vinegar

Today there’s a sweet potato burger on the menu! The recipe comes from the book Green burgers written by Martin Nordin. Of course, you will also get a review of the book as well as the recipe for fun sweet potato burgers with almond feta and blackened vinegar.


Raw fika and pear and mint pie

As you may have noticed, I just love cooking books! I read them in English, Dutch and Swedish. Today I have chosen a real nice Swedish one for you, Raw fika. Let me just explain the Swedish word fika first.


Fattoush with crispy sweet potato bread

Fattoush is a Lebanese fantastic salad based on roasted bread, vegetables and fresh herbs. Below you find my interpretation of the dish. As always without gluten, sugar, too much carbs and vegan friendly.