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Beautiful glutenfree nut bread


For some time I have looked for and longing for nut bread. That was until I decided to redeem myself from my longings and bake my very own nut bread. Filled with fine nuts and seeds. Lovely chewy and tasty with a slice of cheese or maybe some jam.

To the bread I added some dried mulberries and gojjiberries. If you would have other dried fruits at home such as apricots or figs, the fruit I picked out, can easily be replaced.

To get the bread batter to stay together, I have used a powder called No-egg. A replacement for eggs made of potato starch, tapioca starch and baking powder. Certainly it would be possible to think of a mixture of these ingredients myself but today I chose the easy way and it turned out really well.
Part from using the replacer, I have combined the batter with chickpea flour, a gluten-free flour made of chickpeas alone. The light yellow flour is useful to make pancakes (socca), thin bread or to thicken sauces with. You often see the flour used in the Indian cuisine. The chickpea flour can also be called Gram or Besan in the shop.

The bread is very easy and fast to make and keeps fresh and delicious for several days thanks to the nuts and fruit.
None of the nuts should be chopped in advance, this is taken care by itself when cutting the bread in thin slices before serving. The bread is also wonderful to toast.
Let’s do this!


Beautiful nut bread

Makes one bread
90 gram chickpea flour
3 ml / 280 gram of warm water
2 tbsp / 20 grams of olive oil
24 gram no-egg powder
1.5 tsp / 7 gram sea salt
1 tsp / 5 gram of apple cider vinegar
100 grams of sesame seeds (not peeled)
150 grams of pumpkin seeds
150 gram sunflower seeds
90 grams (roasted and peeled) hazelnuts
50 grams of grounded flaxseed
20 grams of gojiberries
40 grams of mulberries, black or white doesn’t matter
40 grams of walnuts

How do I do it?
1. Mix well (or even better use a hand blender) chickpea flour, water and olive oil in a bowl. Leave it while you prepare the rest for the bread.
2. Turn on the oven to 160°C.
3. Add all seeds, nuts and dried fruits to another bowl. It should not be chopped in advance. Blend well with a wooden stick. Prepare an oblong baking pan suited for two liters. Cover the baking pan with baking parchment.
4. Mix well (or even better use a hand blender) the chickpea flour mixture with the no-egg powder, salt and apple cider vinegar.
5. Mix the wet and the dry mix together with a spatula.
6. Pour the batter into the baking pan and place it in the oven on a rack. Set the timer for 60 minutes.
7. When the bread feels good and sounds hollow if you tap it on the bottom, it’s finished. Remove the baking parchment and let the bread cool completely on a wire rack before cutting it.

This recipe is free from lactose, gluten, eggs and refined sugar.


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