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Citrus-scented oven baked zucchini

Many with gardens have an overflow on zucchini at the moment. Or you just find them at a very cheap price in the supermarket or on the market. What better moment to make use of it? I have some yummy recipes for you with zucchini to come but today I start with this citrus-scented oven baked zucchini.

Healthy breakfast muffins with zucchini

Sometimes you need something quick for when in a hurry. Maybe you overslept, maybe you need something in between work and sport or maybe you just want to munch on something with your afternoon tea. And you want it to be good for you. The keyword here is planning. Because you just know, this will happen every now and then. It happens me more often than I would like. But when prepared, it doesn’t cause any problems at all. You just know, “I go the freezer, pick out my healthy muffin and I will be set to go”. In other words, a good feeling in mind and stomach. The muffins are truly filling and full of fiber due to the healthy coconut flour (not to be mixed up with finely grated coconut!). The zucchini makes it moist, the nuts and seeds give it a crunch and the blueberries create a sweet explosion in your mouth every now and then. No needs for sugar, gluten or any milk products. Hurrah! Let’s get to work! Breakfast muffins Makes 7 muffins Ingredients …

Bread cravings and dairy-free bread as treatment

If you recently started with reducing your carbs in your diet, you probably are also starting to miss a thing or two. One is probably bread. Cause, let’s be honest. It’s so easy to just grab a sandwich when in hurry or when you don’t have any mega-creative ideas about what to make. But! Cutting the carbs, doesn’t mean that you will never be able to get a great sandwich again. You just have to start making your own bread!  Does is sound difficult? It’s not!