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Homemade salsa brava

The trick to make a great homemade salsa brava is to roast the tomatoes, garlic and almonds first. It makes a worlds difference to the final taste in the dish! And it works with so much more then just the patatas bravas (the Spanish version of “French fries”)…


Vegan “meatballs” with sage, ovenbaked eggplant and salsa brava

Sometimes the best dinners are the ones that starts up with absolutely no plan what so ever. Like these vegan “meatballs” with sage, ovenbaked eggplant and salsa brava. So rich in taste!


Curry with pumpkin and tart hibiscus powder

I know. I’m slightly too early for the pumpkin season really to start but luckily you can get butternut squash al year around nowadays. This curry with pumpkin and tart hibiscus powder is such an easy recipe! Perfect for when you need something comforting, delicious and quick.  Try it today!


Raw tabbouleh with cauliflower

This is one of my favorite dishes since my years with raw food. I just keep coming back to it whenever. A raw tabbouleh with cauliflower, lots of lemon, parsley and fresh mint. It just doesnt get much better. 


Greens with a even more green dressing

When I want to create a new recipe, I often start with thinking in different consistencies. On my plate I like to combine something soft, something crunchy and something a bit more chewy. Al this comes together in this recipe with only greens and a even more green dressing.

Mat som gör gott and ovenbaked celeriac with a cheezzzy sauce

It’s time for another Swedish cooking book! This time I have chosen a book written by a Swedish famous chef Tareq Taylor; Mat som gör gott (in translation Food that do good). its al about food that makes you feel good, strong, vibrant and healthy. It was of course a must for me to read this one!


Easy curry vegetarian and mushroom curry with coconut milk

I really like Indian food! But I hardly ever cook it myself for some reason… This cookbook can however be the solution on this: Easy curry vegetarian by Madhur Jaffrey. A thick bible of 350 pages with different curry’s and other vegetarian side dishes.


Celeriac gratin with white miso and peanut sauce

So, two very different recipes for you with white miso coming up. Today I have a tasty celeriac gratin with peanut sauce for you and saturday we end this miso-era for now with celebrating the weekend with healthy chocolate truffles. Both recipes are so easy to make and very tasty! Hope you will give it a try.


Spiralize! and surprising noodles with cardamom and cinnamon

A book based ONLY on the magical machine the spiralizer? Yes! Here it is: Spiralize! A fun book with surprising recipes, all healthy and good for you.


For when in a hurry! Pasta-sauce with Savoy cabbage

These days. Are going way too fast! So many ideas and wishes what I would like to do and so few hours. If I only could add an extra five hours to each day! It’s on those kind of days, recipes like this one is invented; pasta-sauce with savoy cabbage. Ready in just 15 minutes, with minimal washing-up afterwards including only cheap and great ingredients. What else can you ask for? Oh yes, I forgot. It taste divine! Until recently I have only been eating radishes raw but since some time I have started to cook them as well. It becomes incredibly tasty. Soft crunchy and with a bit less heavy mustard taste.  A perfect alternative to other vegetables. You bake them or cook them just like they are or with dried or fresh herbs. They get a mild taste that works with many different dishes. Did you try it yet? To make the dish vegan, I used coconut yoghurt (I used this one from Abbot Kinneys). Don’t worry, it won’t taste coconut due to the other spices …