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Green asparagus with poached eggs and truffle

Happy Easter! Finally the light is coming back. Tulips are finding their way up through the wet, black soil and there is hope for a bright summer again. What better way to celebrate Easter with then eating fresh green asparagus with poached eggs and truffle? It looks rather elegant on a set table and the taste is delicate, a pure joy for each one around the table. No reason to mess around, let’s just get started, right! Green asparagus with poached eggs and truffle 2 persons Ingredients A bunch (or two!) of green asparagus 4 eggs 1 tbs neutral oil 1 tbs good quality truffle oil A few small pinches of (Maldon) salt How do I do it? 1. Prepare 2 pans with water, 1 big for the asparagus and 1 smaller for the eggs. Let it come to cook. 2. Prepare 1 smaller bowl with a thin plastic film, it should be a piece of about 30-40 cm big square. Cover the bowl with the film and add just a few drips of neutral oil …


Cheesy cauliflower sauce – without the cheese!

I’m thinking about food almost 24/7. I read, write, cook and eat al the time (well, maybe not always eating but for the rest…). I love it! To go with my breakfast this morning, I had chosen a cookbook from the wonderful Sarah Britton. You know from the fabulous blog My new roots (click link)! She is writing about a rich sauce made with white beans and intend to use it for a cheese fondue. Interesting idea! So I made my own version, with cauliflower as main ingredient.

Slow cooked + veggie stew with chermoula

Another beautiful cookbook plus a great recipe: a spiced veggie stew with chermoula! This cookbook is focused on slow cooked food, designed to fit in a slow cooker but luckily al the recipes are also written for making the great dishes on the stove. I say luckily because unfortunately I’m still not an owner of a slow cooker. If I only had a bigger kitchen…

Vegan risotto with turnip, marinated onion and facon

I looooove risotto! It should be creamy with a hard center. Soft, rich and comforting. Only a minor problem. The rice. Lots of loving carbs that I’m trying to avoid. Well, I obviously have to think in new solutions. Preferably also without any products with lactose, just as an extra challenge. Hmmmm.

Freshii give-away and a recipe for hot copycat soup

Don’t miss the give-away at the end of the post! A number of days ago, I was invited for a try-out in a new restaurant in Rotterdam, Freshii. Freshii already exists in 15 countries and 75 cities al over the world but this one, is the first in the Netherlands. Freshii wants to offer a healthy alternative for a snack, lunch or dinner when on the run. Eat and get energized is the Northstar in their green philosophy. And the real good news is, the menus are suitable for everyone – carnivores, vegetarians and vegans. You can completely customize your own dish. Wow!


Filled eggplant rolls

In a never ending search for taste explosions, I made these vegan eggplant rolls a few days ago. It consists of soft eggplant, crunchy pistachios, creamy cashew cream and lots of colors and lovely spices in every bite. It is a very easy recipe but there are some preparations that you need to take in consideration when making your dinner prep. Eat it as part of your dinner or make tapas. Lately I have deliberately starting to eat less meat and (even) more vegetables. But I’m not a vegan, nor a vegetarian. Im a fake-vegan, someone who have wet dreams about actually ones become one. Because I really don’t agree with the food industry or the way animals are treated in the food chain. But, living without cheese and eggs for the rest of my life. Neeeeh, sorry. Can’t do it. Instead of forcing myself into corners, I continue to explore fun food. What are you ideas and thinkings about this? Let’s get to work! Cashew cream with cilantro Makes a big batch enough for 4 persons Ingredients …

Vegan patties with eggplant and tzatsiki

I’m so happy with this recipe! It tastes great, it looks fresh, it’s 100% vegan and has funny elements for any foodie with some will for using products in a maybe new way.

Make me feel a better person-soup (or just vegan Miso soup without tofu)

So finally, December is past and January started. I hope you al have had a good Christmas and new year! Personally I couldn’t wait for the routines of normal weekdays to start again. Not so much because I don’t like holiday’s but because I like the feeling of being “on it” with both food and sports. Do you feel the same?  Maybe you also have the feeling, just like me, of bringing in new routines in your life, or just taking back the old ones you had? Maybe this soup is the kick in the right direction?

Creamy soup with celeriac

Maybe you actually made the complete oven-cooked celeriac sunday? And you did your utmost best to finish it but still you are left with half of it (that’s what happened to me with my 2 kilo celeriac at least)? Congratulations, this is a fresh start of a vegetarian soup for lunch or dinner!


Oven baked celeriac with smoked garlic butter

Baking a complete celeriac is such rewarding task on a Sunday afternoon! While in the oven, you can do al nice things you can think of for the weekend and once back you have a soft, juicy and very tasty vegetarian (side-)dish. Just slice it up and enjoy it with the garlic butter and a fresh salad.