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Power juice with fresh fennel and ginger

Autumn, bright colors and high air! Each season really has its charms. Today you get a simple recipe for a real power juice with fresh fennel and ginger. Maybe it even can defeat possible colds and other evil bacillaries that comes your way?


Chiapudding with apple syrup and raw carrot cake

Today I send a breakfast tip on chiapudding with apple syrup and raw carrot cake to you. This is a delicious and filling breakfast!


Almost raw chocolatefudge cake with lingonberries

Lingonberry, a berry that I very much associate with my home-country Sweden. To be picked in the wild woods in the end of august, beginning of september. Something I very much look forward to every year.  Today I serve a remake of a classic Swedish chocolatefudge cake with lingonberries. Meet my almost raw chocolate fudge with sour lingonberries (or red currants for anyone abroad, including myself).


Review Optimum 700 advanced cold-press juicer and a Cavalo nero juice

Some time ago I received a Froothie’s Review Optimum 700 advanced cold-press juicer. After a few weeks of using the machine, I’m ready to write a first review with my findings including a small recipe for a simple and mild green juice. 


Raw gooseberry compote

I really like gooseberries but I don’t manage to find them very often. This time I was lucky and I came home with a liter. Now what? And then I knew, of course I should make compote. Like all grandmother did when I was a child (at least I think they did)… Today I’m making raw gooseberry compote in my kitchen! 


Avocado-yoghurt with fruit and roasted coconut flakes

Some mornings I really don’t have a clue for what to eat… And that’s how I came up with this avocado-yoghurt. It’s creamy with a bit of sourness just like yoghurt and of course filling. Add the toppings you like, maybe a granola or a mix of fruits or berries? 


Raw tabbouleh with cauliflower

This is one of my favorite dishes since my years with raw food. I just keep coming back to it whenever. A raw tabbouleh with cauliflower, lots of lemon, parsley and fresh mint. It just doesnt get much better. 


Vegan rhubarb and elderberry pannacotta with strawberries

Today is not any day, today its my birthday. Even though not celebrating big, I still enjoy eating good (just like any day hihi, who am I kidding!). For today I have prepared a vegan version of a creamy pannacotta, a rhubarb and elderberry pannacotta with strawberries. 


Avocado pancakes with cashew cream and fresh blueberries

Some days are better than others. Or you just decide to make them better. No matter what. Making these avocado pancakes with cashew cream and fresh blueberries could most possibly be a good way in right direction.


Raw fika and pear and mint pie

As you may have noticed, I just love cooking books! I read them in English, Dutch and Swedish. Today I have chosen a real nice Swedish one for you, Raw fika. Let me just explain the Swedish word fika first.