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Raw gooseberry compote

I really like gooseberries but I don’t manage to find them very often. This time I was lucky and I came home with a liter. Now what? And then I knew, of course I should make compote. Like all grandmother did when I was a child (at least I think they did)… Today I’m making raw gooseberry compote in my kitchen! 


Fresh dessert with coconut milk, red berries and rose water

The inspiration for this dessert I had years ago in an Indonesian restaurant. I have never had it since but the tastebuds hadn’t forgotten about it. It was time to create a copy-cat from an old food memory, fresh dessert with coconut milk, red berries and rose water!


Refreshing icetea x 2

Even though the summer isn’t really that warm until now here in the Netherlands, its still too warm for me to drink my normal morning tea. So I came up with these refreshing icetea x 2  to drink instead. I prepare a new batch  every second day and can zip al day long. 


Avocado-yoghurt with fruit and roasted coconut flakes

Some mornings I really don’t have a clue for what to eat… And that’s how I came up with this avocado-yoghurt. It’s creamy with a bit of sourness just like yoghurt and of course filling. Add the toppings you like, maybe a granola or a mix of fruits or berries? 


Refreshing smoothie with watermelon

When summer is coming, I always want to eat red, juicy and sweet watermelon. Not just a small piece but lots, like really a lot! One warm morning the other day I made this refreshing smoothie with watermelon and fresh mint.


Avocado pancakes with cashew cream and fresh blueberries

Some days are better than others. Or you just decide to make them better. No matter what. Making these avocado pancakes with cashew cream and fresh blueberries could most possibly be a good way in right direction.


Chocolate truffles with kidney beans and white miso

A few days ago I introduced the white miso to you. Did you miss it? Click here! As you probably understood I very fast became a huge fan of this paste and of course had to try it it everywhere!


Celeriac gratin with white miso and peanut sauce

So, two very different recipes for you with white miso coming up. Today I have a tasty celeriac gratin with peanut sauce for you and saturday we end this miso-era for now with celebrating the weekend with healthy chocolate truffles. Both recipes are so easy to make and very tasty! Hope you will give it a try.

Delicious mushroom paté

I like to have a sandwich every now and then but have been struggling with finding good spreads that stands up to my requirements. It should be really good to eat (obviously!), shouldn’t be from a package, preferably vegan and of course also low carb. Difficult combination. But challenges are to be adopted! This is one of the spreads that I created so far. A delicious mushroom paté.

The art of blending by Tori Ritchie + black cherry sorbet

A few days ago I got my hands on a brand new book, The art of blending. What an inspirational book!