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Freshii give-away and a recipe for hot copycat soup

Don’t miss the give-away at the end of the post! A number of days ago, I was invited for a try-out in a new restaurant in Rotterdam, Freshii. Freshii already exists in 15 countries and 75 cities al over the world but this one, is the first in the Netherlands. Freshii wants to offer a healthy alternative for a snack, lunch or dinner when on the run. Eat and get energized is the Northstar in their green philosophy. And the real good news is, the menus are suitable for everyone – carnivores, vegetarians and vegans. You can completely customize your own dish. Wow!

Healthy breakfast muffins with zucchini

Sometimes you need something quick for when in a hurry. Maybe you overslept, maybe you need something in between work and sport or maybe you just want to munch on something with your afternoon tea. And you want it to be good for you. The keyword here is planning. Because you just know, this will happen every now and then. It happens me more often than I would like. But when prepared, it doesn’t cause any problems at all. You just know, “I go the freezer, pick out my healthy muffin and I will be set to go”. In other words, a good feeling in mind and stomach. The muffins are truly filling and full of fiber due to the healthy coconut flour (not to be mixed up with finely grated coconut!). The zucchini makes it moist, the nuts and seeds give it a crunch and the blueberries create a sweet explosion in your mouth every now and then. No needs for sugar, gluten or any milk products. Hurrah! Let’s get to work! Breakfast muffins Makes 7 muffins Ingredients …

Vegan patties with eggplant and tzatsiki

I’m so happy with this recipe! It tastes great, it looks fresh, it’s 100% vegan and has funny elements for any foodie with some will for using products in a maybe new way.


Heavenly, bitter chocolate mousse

Tomorrow it is the last day of the year 2015. Of course it should be celebrated! If you have planned a dinner with friends and family, you need a grand dessert. Something you can prepare in advance, that doesn’t ask too much effort and doesn’t cost a fortune. I have the answer for you – rich and bitter chocolate mousse!

Healthy chocolate fudge with dates and ice chocolate

This Christmas isn’t like any other Christmas for me. It is the first one without my father that passed away earlier this year. I’m busy going along the memory lane and the normal Christmas feeling have difficulties to find its way through. Luckily I get reality checks through my sisters children and they remind me about the importance of making Christmas candy, a yearly tradition. And of course we should!


Smooth cashew yoghurt with homemade granola

On internet and in different cooking books you can find recipes for cashew yoghurt. A great alternative if you want to cut milk products in your diet and still enjoy creamy yoghurt.

Raw_chocolate_and_orange_cake _with_cashew

Raw chocolate and orange cake with cashew

A few weeks ago, I had a post on the blog with homemade bread and a bitter orange marmalade. The same evening that I had made it, I had a vision about the marriage of the tastes marmalade, cashew nuts and chocolate. I had to try it! And it turned out really great, I just have to share it with you!


Hot chocolate with chipotle chili

October has for some days shown itself from its best side, the sun has been shining and the rain has stayed away. Last weekend I even was walking to the supermarket in just a t-shirt! But then again, the weather reminded us about the season and changed.

Raw smoothie with fig

Raw smoothie with pear and figs

Since a few weeks I have been, like many more in this season, struggling with a cold, fever and just in general a feeling of being ill. I’m now REALLY fed up with it, this has to stop NOW! A soothing smoothie fits me perfect!

Raw smoothie with dragon fruit and saffron

When in Spain a few days ago for work, I of course also visited the Mercado de la Boqueria in Barcelona. The giant food market is to be found in the middle of the city, along Les Rambles where all tourists and pickpockets thieves come together. I visited the market together with my husband and a student Frederique. Luckily we found out already a few days before our trip that we both share the same interest. FOOD! Great fun in other words!